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Working Style

I like to listen a lot and I ask a lot of questions. I avoid jargon and all forms of Corporate speak. I like to do research and I prefer decisions that are based on agreed facts and data. I take work seriously but I like a laugh.

You are concerned about

  • Your Company not reaching its potential.

  • Stuff not getting done/not getting done on time.

  • People -performance/morale/development.

  • Having the right tools and processes.

What you should get

​I work hard on behalf of my clients and I don’t mind getting my hands dirty to get at the detail. I follow through and take responsibility for implementing as well as proposing. As an outside adviser my job is always to give you an objective and honest opinion.

How I Can Help

  • By listening to you, your staff, and your customers.

  • Through facilitating meetings, ​collecting data, and
    agreeing action plans.

  • By managing/driving projects, reviews, communication sessions or management meetings​.

  • With helping you to decide what data/KPI's are
    necessary to run your business​​.

  • By providing expertise on strategic planning, sales
    growth, lean, operational excellence and HR.

As well as

What I have learned over 40 years while working with Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Operations
and Customer Service. I have also been involved in managing every possible people related issue in a fair and balanced way. Finally I bring a knowledge of many of the more effective tools and techniques used in major Corporations.

What Happens After You Contact Me?

  • I will meet or video call with you for an hour or two. There will be no charge for this.

  • If you would like to talk with someone with whom I have worked with recently on similar challenges as your own I will set it up.

  • If I feel that I can genuinely help then we will take it forward.

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